Membership Benefits

There's an interesting line between investing in potential guild talent, and ensuring that membership means as much as it should. Highly Unorthodox views this as a line that divides things needed to perform your role, versus everything else. Following a breakdown of all benefits divided by roles.

Initiate/"New Fish"

  • Priority Invites - Initiates must be in raids to be voted on. So you you'll be right out in front, even ahead of our members and guests so long as your gear handles the content.
  • DKP Account - All guildies gain dkp, and can spend it equally.
  • Enchants - As supplies are available. Main role gear only.
    • Legs
    • Chest
    • Weapon - Death Knights may pick another slot.
  • Epic Gems - You will be supplied with one epic gem per current ilvl item piece you get that needs it, regardless of how you got the piece. Main role gear only.


  • Reins Of The Twilight Drake (or other things like it)
  • Limited Guild Repairs - Enabled on wipe nights.
  • Possible Flask Reimbursement - Wipe night flask usage might be covered by guild at the descretion of the leadership.
  • Offspec BoE Items - Normally, we sell these items to help fund guild repairs. But members may have them at no cost if they drop in their run.
  • Votes On New Members


  • Additional Guild Repairs
  • Restricted Use of Alts in Raids - Details on veterans using alts in raids can be found in our forums for now.


  • Responsibility
  • Limited Guild Bank Access - Officers are allowed access to all tabs, in limited amounts. This allows them to give members the items they need, but protects our stock from exploit.

Guild Master

  • Veto Power On Initiates