Some of what we do, and expect from each other, should be obvious reading the other sections. But, it's only fair you know what you're getting into before you sign up for it, so we try to keep this list up to date for you.


There's no way to make things happen if our raiders don't show. A lot of things can be taught or worked around, but lack of attendance is not fixable. Every member must maintain at least 75% attendance in the last 30 days. If you fall under that, leadership has a duty to begin looking for a replacement for you. Veterans of the guild, and special circumstances may be given grace, but management makes sure we run with or without you. If you fall behind, you will be left behind.

Knowelege. Not Gear

Way too many people these days think that a high gear score is what yields higher dps. That idea couldn't be more backwards. A player with more solid understanding of thier class, and the fight itself, will always trounce an ignorant player. Members in the guild are expected to know every opportunity in every fight for shortcuts, rigged dps, and survival techniques. Most of us also check in at least once a week on theory craft websites to see if something's come up we should react to. If you've never heard of theory craft, this may not be the place for you, but give it a try if you like. Start checking a reputable site where poeple actually do reasearch, and the knowelge isn't third party. A good site to start from is Elitist Jerks.

Perfect Everything You Can By Yourself

Guilds work because they have talent that works with each other. Every member is expected to have already done all they could on their own, before expecting others to invest in them. Invest everything you can in yourself. This means you'll need to have all of your specialization's best enchants, gems, and BoE gear possible. There's a huge cost to doing these things, we all understand that. But there's a huge payoff as well. If every member of your guild is always maxing out, the overall moral goes up, learning time goes down, and loot goes up. Settling for second best is fine, when you're a corpse.

Optimize Your Interface

Blizzard is far from perfect. Over the years, they still haven't even gotten better, and they admit as much. The base UI rarely does what it should. There's often too much information, not enough, or it's simply not presented in the most useful format. As a tank, dps, or healer, there are ways to improve your play simply by improving your interface. We will help you improve your current UI if we think it needed. More details about this are available on our forums. We don't have a set guild UI, and for the most part people are allowed to customize as they like. However, we do see it is as a major area a lot of players could improve and never do because no on really ever talked about it in depth with them.

Required Addons

  • Everyone
  • Healers
    • Raid Frames - One set only!
      • Range Fades
      • Debuff Filtering
      • Mouseover
  • Damage
    • Debuff Timers - Examples include Forte and Quartz
    • Proc Notifications - Examples include Power Auras and Scrolling Combat Text

Recommended Addons

  • Everyone
  • People With Abilities That Should Be Announced - This can be through a macro, or a more complex addon like CastYeller2
    • Interrupts such as Kick, or Counterspell
    • Battle Resses

Banned Addons

Normally, if we ban an addon, there's a damn good reason. Most tend to be because of exessive or unwarranted use of bandwidth or processor cycles. Keep these addons on all you want, save during raid hours. Addons that cause a security risk, and must never be installed will be listed in raid.

  • GearScore
  • Carbonite Quest
  • Spy


Raid Preperations

Bringing what you need to a raid is not optional. While we may not use everything we put on the preprations list, you will be expected to have it. Following is a list of expected materials for every raid. If your able to do two roles, like healing or dpsing, you'll need to carry it all.

  • At least 150 gold to spend no repairs
  • Four hours worth of flasks
    • Tanks: Four hours of [Flask of Stoneblood] and four hours of [Flask of Endless Rage]. Tanks are often asked to swap to dps, be ready. You may substitute a pair of dps elixers if you wish, though it can be expensive at times.
    • Hybrids: Four hours of flasks needed for every off role you can do.
  • Two stacks of potions
  • One stack of your best buff food. This will vary based off your spec.


Raids start at 8:00pm. You must be in raid, and on vent by that time. Tanks are required to have a mic.

Missing A Raid

We understand people will miss raids. It's not a huge deal. We also understand that human memory is prejudice and flawed. Management remembers things through personal filters at times, so we started a thread in the private general forums. You must post when you know you're going to be missing, and give us the reason. This covers your butt, and ours. If you're gone for a good reason, have proof to show us. It also lets us know that you're not going to be coming on late, so we fill the spots rather than "hoping that person signs on."