Loot System

In a landscape populated by fly-by-night guilds, "puggable content," and rampant theivery, real loot systems have seemed to go out of vogue. They have been replaced by shams, posing as "how things are." Before that, even in real loot systems from classic to now, there's been abuses, and other things to learn from. We've been through all most of those systems, and corrected thier mistakes.

Effort Should Always Be Rewarded

All of Highly Unorthodox's policies are guided the ideal that peoples efforts must be rewarded. Your investment in a guild is far more than just one evening. Your contributions should be viewed in the long term. We've been here well over a year. We'll be here far longer. Our people are solid raiders, nearly always there. Our loot system has been customized to reflect that.


Some people may still be familiar with DKP. If you remember how it could be, feel free to skip down to our alterations section so you can get more of the details. People who aren't sure what DKP means will appreciate the following.


The simplest way of explaining dkp, is to say that it keeps track of people's contributions, permanently. You earn points through attendance and boss kills. You spend those points to buy pieces.  The points are permanent. Unlikely a Gold DKP run, the points are all gone at the end of the run.They remain, for as long as you do. So even if you don't get what you want today, you earn your way to it. There's no luck. You will earn what you want eventually.

DKP systems have a lot of minor modifications to the basic idea. Here's a list of ours.

Item Puchases

Flat Costs

Some versions of dkp let you "bid." We don't care for this idea, because it opens up an avenue for abuse. If only one person wants an item, they can pay almost nothing. That hardly seems fair, when they get as much use as the people before them. So instead, we've moved to a simple, fixed cost for items. If you want it, you know what it's going to cost you, and can plan for it.

A few of us have seen nine page lists of item costs, customized based on the stat weights, rarity, desire from specs and subspecs. The sheer overhead of this is mind boggling. So instead, our costs can be summed in two simple tables:

  • Armor Slots
    Slot Cost
    Gloves 40
    Boots 40
    Cloak 45
    Bracers 45
    Belt 45
    Legs 50
    Shoulders 50
    Neck 60
    Ring 60
    Helm 70
    Trinkets 70
    Chest 80
  • Weapon Slots
    Classification Main Hand Off Hand Ranged & Relics
    Caster: MH & OF Or Shield 90 60 30
    Caster: 2H 130 0 30
    Melee: 1H Set 75 75 30
    Melee: 2H 130 0 *1 30
    Tank 75 75 30
    Hunter: 1H Set 45 45 90
    Hunter: 2H 70 0 90


  • Runed Orbs will cost as much as the slot you buy them for. For instance, if you buy them for a belt, they cost as much as the belt. The reason for costing a full item cost when they require mats of your own is that many of these are the best in slot pieces.
  • Trophy of the Crusade and other "trophies" or "tokens" will cost the average of the tier slots: 58.

Buying An Item

If something you want drops, always send the loot master a whisper for it. You may be the only person that needs it, or the only one with attendance. There's a lot of reasons an item could go to you when you're expecting it. Following is a list of acceptable whispers:

  • "I'd like that."
  • "O.O  Shiny!"
  • "Gimmie"
  • "/drool"
  • "Do want"
  • Anything involving sexual favors.

If you're the winner, you'll be charged the cost from above. It doesn't matter if you're going to go negative. It doesn't matter if you're already negative. If you win it, it's yours.

Make sure to send tells for your offspec at the same time the loot master asks for tells. We all know who you are around here. We'll sort out who it should go to.

Zero Sum DKP

When you purchase an item the value of the item is subtracted from your pool. Then everyone in the raid gains that amount of dkp, divided by the number of poeple in the raid. This means that DKP from puchases never really "gains" it just shifts around who is up for loot, based on who's been around, and how much they've gotten.

For a quick example: A item worth 58 dkp is purchased with 25 in raid. 58 / 25 = 2.32 DKP for everyone.

Attendance DKP

Unlike DKP only shifted between people from item purchses, attendance causes people to actually gain DKP. This means if you've been around for a while, you will tangible experience and value against newer members of the guild. This attendance DKP is how we show respect for the people that have gotten us to the point we are. The actual amount of DKP gained from attendance is quite small, to avoid overpowering leads for veterans, but it does add up over time.

For a quick comparison: Being "On Time" yields 2 DKP plus another one dkp per person we're missing.

Attendance Requirements

An old flaw exists within DKP systems. A weakness that allows the system to be exploited by some. DKP is a long term contribution tracking system. It doesn't concern itself with the short term, with making sure things are happening not just in the past, but for today's raid. That just doesn't work.

That's why HU adds another system to cover the short term as well. Our non-initiate members are required to maintain at least seventy five percent (75%) attendance over the last thirty (30) days to get loot priority. The attendance is measured up to the second. So if you were to miss, for either obligations, bad luck, or that dream vacation, it's not an issue. You will simply need to get your 30 day attendance back up to at least 75% attendance. You'll still gain DKP even under the attendance percentage, you just can't spend it. There's no permanently penalty, just what we all need to keep the raids moving.

Know Your Role

Wrath of the Lich King introduced the dual spec feature. HU embraced this feature, the same as everyone else, but we work things in a slightly different fashion. We don't believe in main or off "Specs." How you do what you do is barely relevant to the raid. What we care about is what you do. That's why we work off "Roles." Healing, Tanking, Damage. Nothing else matters in our loot system. This is huge boon for multiple damage spec classes. If you're currently spec "Xyz," but want an item for another spec. Great news. If it's your role, it's yours.

To explaine this in greater detail:

  • Tanking Role - includes loot with Dodge, Block, Perry, High Stam, High Strength, Hit
  • Mellee DPS Role - includes loot with Armor Pen, Attack Power, Crit, Haste, Agillity, Strength, Hit
    • Note: All DPS mellee weapons cost so if a weapon specialization happens to change, you can swap with ease.
  • Healing Role - includes loot with Spell Power, Mp5, Spirit, Crit, Haste
  • Caster DPS Role - includes loot with Spell Power, Mp5, Spirit, Crit, Haste, Hit
    • Note: Difference between Healing and Caster DPS is Hit only!

We don't stress over what is best-in-slot for this class and spec over another spec or class, its debatable over too man veriables and changes to often to be concerned with the small details.


Keeping a raiding guild always going requires holding a few cards up your sleeve. People need nights off, emergencies come up, it's our job to ensure we handle it gracefully. In general, we try to keep fourty"ish" people in guild, though that number fluctuates a lot. We can't keep them all in one raid of course, so it's not uncommon for members to sit out and wait just in case we need them.

We recognize that people sitting out can provide value to our raid as well. If they are on the outside working for the guild, same as those inside, they deserve rewards as well. We keep a running list of things we need for guild bank in our forums. People opting or chosen to sit for an evening can get 100% attendance credit, and 50% of the dkp earned by farming a bit for the guild bank. Our reason for this is two fold. It helps keep our supplies up, so we can provide repairs, flasks, feasts, etc when appropriate. But more importantly, it keeps people around and active so they can be called in if we need it. If you do get called in, keep everything you farmed. You'll still get full credit, and keep your supplies.

Sitting is very loosely ruled. Simply check what needs farmed, get a quantity approved (say.. 10 flasks in 4.5 hours of sitting), and set to. Make sure the supplies are in the guild bank before the end of the evening, and you're all set. If you finish early, it's no problem. We expect most people do. All we ask is that you keep yourself available. You're welcome to run 5 mans, do arenas, and other trivial things. Just make sure you're able to come in on 15 minutes notice. This means joining a raid is a huge taboo if you're sitting.