Recruitment Process

Interested in joining Highly Unorthodox, or maybe just curious about how or why we do things? The best answer is always contact a veteran of the guild. But, we understand research can happen on your time, so here's what you have to look forward to with us.

Getting Things Started

Applicants of interest are invited to join the guild as an initiate as soon as possible. We want to get to know you, and for you to get comfortable with us. Any member with Veteran status in guild has guild invite privileges. If they like what you have to say, they can invite you to join us. This does not give you any guarantee of a spot in raids or even in guild. Veterans help find people that are enjoyable to have around, they do not choose our raid crew. Your trial period starts from the day you're guilded. You'll have two weeks to just hang out and get to know people, learn our strategies, and show everyone what you've got.

Then, the voting begins. We'll keep notes on your performance, attitudes, and anything else people think are worth mentioning in a private thread. For the first two weeks, that thread will just build, without much action. After you've had time to average out your performance a bit, people will debate some of what's written, and offer suggestions. Those suggestions and critisisms will rarely reach you directly. Leaders and officers will filter what you need to know to you and help you improve to give you your best shot at getting in. While all this is going on members, excluding the guild leader and raid leader, will vote you in or out. You'll need twenty-five perfect "No" to be out; fifty percent "Yes" to be made a member.

What To Expect

That trial period is far from a joy ride. A lot of our philosophies revolve around giving poeple every chance. What you do with that is up to you. We will make every effort to include as many new poeple as we can, in every run we can, for as long as your gear can even reasonably hack it. As one of my officers once told expressed it, "You tie a rock to the guy, and throw him in a lake. Can you swim?"

Another point we like to press is the importance of actually joining the guild. Being a member, showing up for raids, is not true membership. This guild is far more than just a job for a lot of us. Bring your alts in, hang out and chat. Actually get to know your new friends. If you're liked, it will have a massive impact on your chances with us. We can fix many things. Terrible dps due to gear? Done. Missunderstood priorities? No problem. But same as actual raid experience, we can't work with people who just aren't around. Make sure to free up some time to just hang out on an off night in the first couple weeks and chat with whoever's around.

Loot Rights

We've heard of guilds that restrict new members from getting loot for thier first couple weeks. It's something we really just can not comprehend. As a potential member of our guild, you are owed respect, and everything we can do to improve you, is our duty. No loot restrictions exist within our guild to keep initiates from getting main role items. If you have earned the dkp for an item, it's yours. But we go one step further. We choose to have faith that our newest chosen poeple are exactly what we need, or that we can make them what we need. To that end, we invest more in the future raider, than in our current crew at times. Highly Unorthodox requires seventy-five (75%) percent attendance from its members over thirty day periods to get loot. This restriction is not in effect on initiates until you have been in at least those thirty days. If a member is under the requirement on attendnace, you will take it before he does.

A few of the membership perks regarding loot should be pointed out here, in case you wish to read the full details later.

  • Our guild uses BoE gear to supply us with gold and fuels repairs, flasks, and other raider costs. To that end, we sell BoE gear on the auction house. Members are allowed to have BoE gear for their off roles, this perk is not extended to initiates. The most sure investment of that BoE gold, is not in a single player, but in the guild itself, which is why we make this priority exception.
  • Other perks, such as the drake from our weekly Obsidian Sanctum three drake run are reserved for members as well.

None of our restrictions are in place to keep you from doing your job. We want you best able to do that. Moral, and maintance is our goal with these, after all, earning full membership should have some attractive perks.