Raiding, with a shot, and a twist.

Welcome to the new home of <Highly Unorthodox>, a Burning Legion-US raiding guild.
We are currently looking for people that want something new for Wrath of The Lich King.

Our Take on Raiding
What's more important: Success or Fun?
It's both. If you try to pick one or the other, you'll be stuck in trivial content, or you'll bleed membership and attendance because tensions are high and people are at each others throats. If you can be amazing at your class, and still have a good time, why not be around people like you?

Think about your best drinking buddy...

What's important about him?

  • Worth hanging out with.
  • You trust him in a bar fight.
  • He'll help bury a dead hooker.

Yep. That's the qualities we're looking for in our crew.
We're not after gear, or experience. We're looking for people that have the drive to be the best, and still fuck around.

Getting Rewarded for Your Part
If you put in a big contribution,you deserve to be recognized for it. And maybe even get a reward for it.
That's what we want to do. I'm planning multiple things to help give back to the people that make us succeed.

The people there, making things happen every time are the people we need the most. And we need them at their best. So, attendance is going to play a major role in how things are done. The numbers may change as we go on, but here are our plans for right now.

  • People with 70% or more attendance deserve to be brought before less reliable people.
  • People with 85% or more attendance deserve the first shot at loot.

DKP is great and all. It helps keep things sorted out, but it's the people with the most that matter. If you keep us going, we'll reward you for it.

Something ties in pretty closely with attendence %'s is sitting dkp. Every guild needs possible substitutes ready and waiting. But the fact of the matter is that the people sitting are not contributing as much as the people raiding. People sitting do deserve some dkp, and attendence % for just being available, but not the full amount as they aren't working for the guild.

Does that mean that you have to raid to get dkp or attendance? Nope. There are ways to contribute to the guild that you can do on your own, and those deserve reward as well. I am planning a system that will allow for guild bank contributions to be rewarded with dkp and attendance. So, if you're sitting, do some dailies, drop 200g or mats for expensive gear we have to craft into the bank. If you are helping us, you deserve as much reward.

Making Money as a Guild
There are a lot of ways that guilds make money. Let's get our best people a cut of that profit.
At the moment, I am thinking of selling hard to get materials, patterns, and even raiding gear that our people do not need. And that money belongs to the people that help earn it.

The Leadership
I've been known on many characters since Molten Core. Some of you may know me as my priest, Ethrea, healing officer of <Defiant> through half of the original Naxx. Others might know me as a hunter, Valkri, a member of <Ænigma> and an officer of <Reanimated>. I've also tanked as a paladin, Carai. And I'm currently playing a druid, Ceylace.

I have experience in every end game raid instance, as a healer and as dps. I also have a pretty solid understanding of every class. But, I'm smart enough to know that there are things I do not know. I rely on feedback from our raiders to help get things done. I trust my crew to help suggest things as needed.

If you're interested, drop an app on the forums, or contact me in game. I'll be on Ceylace.

I look forward to seeing you all in Lich King,